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This Week’s Featured Pet – Buddy

Big fluffy boy Buddy came to ARE Animal Rescue from a Riverside County Dept. of Animal Services shelter in early 2022. He was just eight months old at the time and already had what was determined to be an old break in his right front leg. When and how it happened is anyone’s guess.

Buddy’s leg is now deteriorating and he can’t use it. He needs it amputated ASAP in order to give him the best quality of life. The surgery costs $2200. Our funds for medical needs are stretched very thin. Unfortunately for Buddy, we have to prioritize our spending and take care of emergencies first. The problem is, there’s always an emergency with the many cats and dogs who find their way to us.

In spite of his bad leg, Buddy is super sweet, loves human attention and interacts well with other cats. One day, he’ll make someone a wonderful companion…even on three legs.

Please help us help Buddy receive his amputation by donating to our Angels Healing Angels Special Medical Fund. Any amount is greatly appreciated. We use all donations to the fund exclusively for special medical cases. You may donate online at For more information, contact us at (951) 708-1280 or

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