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Fosters provide a temporary home for pets while they await a forever home. The majority of our rescued cats and dogs need a safe place to stay and receive the care they need. Often, the only way we can save them is with the help of pet foster homes. 

fosters provide

  • A safe and clean environment.

  • Fresh food, water, indoor housing and litter. 

  • Toys and environment enrichment.

  • Exercise and age-appropriate socialization.

  • Transportation to and from any necessary medical appointments. 

  • Monitor pet's mental and physical wellbeing.

  • Transport pets to and from ARE's adoption events

  • Provide isolation from other pets in the home for a required minimum of 10-14 day period. 

Litter of Terrier Mix Puppies Playing in

Give back

Have animal companionship without a lifetime commitment.

Sleeping Dogs


Help animals recover from illness or injury and provide medical care covered by ARE.

Family Portrait


Care for young kittens and puppies and kittens before they are ready to be adopted.

Litter of Terrier Mix Puppies Playing in

rest & relief

Keep pets from experiencing prolonged kennel stress experienced at shelter facilities.

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